VKM 4000

Vacuum Road Sweeping Machines, Hydraulic Power Vacuum Road Sweeping Machines, which are equipped with On-Board Mechanical Power (Torque Converter or print lining) with capacity up to 3 m³ to 10 m³.

Vacuum Road Sweeping Machines by (VKM) general characteristics are as follows:

  • engine at low speeds with the help choose the correct use of the upper structure aims to achieve high performance. Fuel savings and a quieter working environment are provided.
  • To maximize the life of the brush, the pressure on the surface can be adjusted. Optionally, this print setting can be made from inside the cabinet. It offers optional systems that reduce the speed of brush rotation and prevent unnecessary wear.
  • The garbage along the suction line is moistened at the correct points to minimize ambient dust.
  • In our mechanical machines, the motor-to-fan connection is made via torque converters, thus prolonging the engine life and avoiding maintenance costs due to pressure pad change.
  • Due to its flexible design, the superstructure can be easily mounted on chassis vehicles of different sizes.
  • User friendly control panel allows the operator to use the machine in a very short time.
  • The water boiler is installed at a 10 degree angle to the bottom of the garbage boiler, making garbage disposal easier.
  • Easy-to-clean in-chamber grille design has been developed to reduce the maintenance requirements of superstructures and equipment.
Sweep Speed ​​(km / h) 1-10
Sweeping Width (mm) 2100
Sweeping Capacity (m2 / h) 21000
Waste Tank Capacity (m3) 4
Water Tank Capacity (liter) 900
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity (liter) 80
Water Tank Material Stainless Steel Hair
Machine Length (mm) 3800
Machine Width (mm) 2140
Machine Height (mm) 1660
Blank Total Weight (kg) 3800
Water Pump (bar-liter) 20lt / min. Max.100bar
Waste Discharge Damper Angle 55
Waste Discharge Height (mm) 650 mm (nom) connected to the chassis
Side Brush Diameter (mm) 320
Medium Brush Diameter (mm) 400
Medium Brush Length (mm) 1240
Number of Water Nozzles 23
Rear Suction Hose Diameter (mm) 150
Rear Suction Hose Length (mm) 5000
Auxiliary Motor Type Diesel
Helper Engine Power (kW) 75
Fan Drive Type Mechanical
Side Suction Hose Diameter (mm) 220
Side Brush Life (Working Hour) 300
Medium Brush Life (Working Hour) 150
Chassis Max. Tonnage (kg) 7000
Distance between chassis and axle (mm) 3350-3500
Rear Door Opening Angle 80
Sieve Filter Surface Area (m2) 1.09
Prewash System Optional
The same Anda Double Suction Optional
High Pressure Washing System Optional
Additional Filter System Optional
Rack Noise Level (dB) <75 dB