Challenger Sweeper

The Challenger is a mid-size, mechanical, dual engine sweeper built for the toughest sweeping conditions. Its sweeping module is installed on 19,500 lbs GVWR cab over chassis. As a result, the Challenger has Mobil-like sweeping quality, productivity, and reliability. It has the manoeuvrability of a three wheel sweeper. It also features the highest operator comfort and visibility. All this for a very competitive initial cost.

S2 Sweeper

The S2 is the ideal choice for both contractors and smaller urban centres. It has the agility to take on parking lots and communities with narrow or curvy streets. And it’s powerful enough to handle all kinds of sweeping – including construction sites.

S3 Sweeper

The S3 has all the power and capacity you will need to clean any size of community and all kinds of streets and roads. It’s the most powerful sweeper available today, largely because it has a separate hydraulic pump for each of its motors. That means it can easily clean up after road construction, sweeping up road millings and other tough debris with ease.

Python 5000 Pothole Patcher

The Python 5000 is for towns, cities and highway departments that want to preserve their roads and save money. And, it’s for contractors who want to make money. The Python 5000 makes fast, long-lasting repairs to potholes. And it has the unique capability of making continuous repairs to long cracks in roads. Because it’s operated by one person, the savings on operating costs are substantial. But even more substantial are the savings that can be realized by extending the lives of streets and roads.